Welcome to the Reformation Celebration Sale


2017 Reformation Celebration Sale

63 Puritan Ebooks

The Reformation Celebration Sale is over but the Reformation is not over...though if you still want a deal on the Puritan ebooks they can be purchased for $63 whish is still $130 off the regular price.

Welcome to the Reformation Celebration Sale by GLH Publishing to help commemorate the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther nailing his 95 theses to the church door in Wittenburg and igniting the Reformation and the restoration of the gospel.

Once purchased, two emails will be sent to you, the first with the receipt and the second from SendOwl with the download link. The books are downloaded in a zipped file and are in a mobi file format without any DRM and can be read on any device (ereader/tablet/phone/pc) that has the Kindle reader app from Amazon, which is available for free. You may also send the ebooks to your Kindle account so the books can be read across all your devices with the Kindle app and retain the last place read with any notes and highlights by you across all the devices. Please refer to the 00_ReadMeFirst.pdf document in the zipped file folder for specific instructions on how to best add them to your Kindle account.

If you would like see what the ebooks are like you can receive two free Vintage Puritan ebooks (Henry Scougal's The Life of God in the Soul of Man and John Bunyan's Come and Welcome to Jesus Christ) by signing up for our updates at bit.ly/GLH_Giveaway.

Ebooks Included

   Title  Author
   1  The Dangers of Prosperity  William Bates
   2  The Saints' Everlasting Rest  Richard Baxter
   3  Walking with God  Richard Baxter
   4  Dying Thoughts  Richard Baxter
   5  The Offices of Christ  Thomas Boston
   6  The Crook in the Lot  Thomas Boston
   7  The Distinguishing Character of Real Christians  Thomas Boston
   8  The Good Fight of Faith  Thomas Boston
   9  The Art of Man-fishing  Thomas Boston
 10  True Repentance  Thomas Boston
 11  A Lifting Up for the Downcast  William Bridge
 12  Private Prayer: The Secret Key of Heaven  Thomas Brooks
 13  Precious Remedies Against Satan's Devices  Thomas Brooks
 14  Advice to Sufferers  John Bunyan
 15  Prayer  John Bunyan
 16  The Jerusalem Sinner Saved  John Bunyan
 17  All Loves Excelling  John Bunyan
 18  Saved by Grace  John Bunyan
 19  The Acceptable Sacrifice  John Bunyan
 20  A Treatise on Earthly-Mindedness  Jeremiah Burroughs
 21  Christ Crucified  Stephen Charnock
 22  The Existence and Attributes of God  Stephen Charnock
 23  The Distinguishing Marks of a Work of the Spirit of God  Jonathan Edwards
 24  Freedom of the Will  Jonathan Edwards
 25  Religious Affections  Jonathan Edwards
 26  Counsel for Mourners  John Flavel
 27  Keeping the Heart  John Flavel
 28  The Mystery of Providence  John Flavel
 29  Christ Set Forth  Thomas Goodwin
 30  Christ, the Glory of the Gospel  Thomas Goodwin
 31  The Heart of Christ  Thomas Goodwin
 32  Riches Increased by Giving to the Poor  Thomas Gouge
 33  The Christian's Great Interest  William Guthrie
 34  A Church in the House  Matthew Henry
 35  Christologia  John Owen
 36  Death of Death in the Death of Christ  John Owen
 37  Of Temptation  John Owen
 38  Communion with God  John Owen
 39  The Duty of Pastors  John Owen
 40  The Glory of Christ  John Owen
 41  Indwelling Sin  John Owen
 42  The Holy Spirit  John Owen
 43  The Mortification of Sin  John Owen
 44  The Christian's Work of Dying Daily  John Owen
 45  The Perseverance of the Saints  John Owen
 46  The Divine Power of the Gospel  John Owen
 47  Spiritual Mindedness  John Owen
 48  Walking Humbly with God  John Owen
 49  The Loveliness of Christ  Samuel Rutherford
 50  The Love of Christ  Richard Sibbes
 51  The Bruised Reed  Richard Sibbes
 52  Glorious Freedom  Richard Sibbes
 53  Heavenly Conference  Richard Sibbes
 54  Josiah's Reformation  Richard Sibbes
 55  Let Not Your Hearts Be Troubled  Richard Sibbes
 56  Justification Vindicated  Robert Traill
 57  The Spirit of Prayer  Nathanael Vincent
 58  The Doctrine of Repentance  Thomas Watson
 59  The Mystery of the Lord's Supper  Thomas Watson
 60  The Character of an Upright Man  Thomas Watson
 61  The Godly Man's Picture  Thomas Watson
 62  All Things for Good  Thomas Watson
 63  Art of Divine Contentment  Thomas Watson

Bridge, Brooks, Bunyan, Burroughs, Charnock, Flavel, Goodwin, Owen, Sibbes: these names of celebrated Puritan authors are familiar to all who love biblical Christianity. But how many possess their many volumes, for they were voluminous authors? And if you don't possess their books to read, do not their great thoughts and insights, so potentially helpful to modern Christians, remain hidden as if their books had never been written? Well, here is a superb opportunity to buy their volumes in an ebook format and begin to richly benefit from their multi-faceted wisdom. Carpe diem!

Michael Haykin, FRHistS, Professor of Church History, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

I owe much to the Puritans. They have been my mentors, counselors and instructors. Their growing influence on recent generations of believers is a hopeful sign for the growth and health of the Christian faith. The titles made available by GLH Publishing include many classics that every Christian would do well to know. The sale is a fitting celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. 

Tom Ascol, Executive Director, Founders Ministries

There is no better way to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation than to dig deep into some of the works of the early Puritans. We now have the ability to dive into the words of these incredible men to see how their lives were shaped by Scripture—all for the meager price of $29! This is an investment worth making.

Bo Rice, Assistant Professor of Evangelism and Preaching, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary